Arrests of 3 Students for Dormitory Burning

Arrests of Students for Dormitory Burning

On Tuesday, July 25, the police arrested  three St. Mary’s Ndeiya Girls students who  they said had set fire to their hostel. The pupils are being arrested at the Tigoni Police Station pending questioning after  being identified by the Directorate of  Criminal Investigation (DCI).

236 children, or nearly half the population, were impacted by the fire event, according  to Kariuki Mwangi, the Ndeiya Sub-County Education Director. There were 177 more losses in terms of  bedding and personal items because the  fire also damaged other dorms.

In total, 410 students were affected by the  fire. The incident which occurred on the night of Saturday, July 22, left scores of students out in the cold. Firefighters and medics from  the Kenya Airport Authority, however, were swift in salvaging the situation.

As result, the school was permanently  closed while waiting for the board’s guidance on what to do next. The administration announced that school was putting steps in place to guarantee that the academic calendar wouldn’t be  impacted and that students could return to their studies on schedule. Engineer John Kiragu of the Limuru  Constituency legislature provided 250  mattresses to lessen the damage and spare  the parents the expense of purchasing new ones. The administration will be involved as well, Kiragu promised, “so that there is proper surveillance through CCTV so that we can  watch everything going on in the school.” The congressman mentioned that his office had set aside money through the NG-CDF emergency reserve to help parents rebuild modernized dormitory.

In addition, Kiragu stated that he will ensure the students are comfortable by availing all the necessities they might need in the school such as water and other infrastructure. This, the MP noted, will help ease unrest within the school and ensure students have a conducive environment for their studies.

The legislature also applauded the administration, students and local community for cooperating through the situation and ensuring that no injuries nor casualties occurred.

Additionally, Kiragu promised to provide the pupils with all the facilities they could require at school, including water and other infrastructure, in order to ensure their comfort. The MP pointed out that doing this will ensure pupils have supportive environment for their academics and assist reduce unrest at the school. The administration, students, and neighborhood were also praised by the legislature for their cooperation in handling the crisis and preventing any injuries or fatalities.
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