Garissa’s Mwangaza Schools Director jailed for 35 years for sodomy

Garissa’s Mwangaza Schools Director jailed for 35 years for sodomy

The director of Mwangaza schools in Garissa Hussein Hassan Ali was on Monday Sentenced to 35 years in prison.

The legal proceedings in the matter have been ongoing at the Garissa courts since November 2021.


The victim was in form 2 and has subsequently been moved to a secondary school in Malindi.

The Garissa resident magistrate Shadrack Otuke announced his decision in front of a full court, saying that he was certain without a shadow of a doubt that the evidence on the record was sufficient to support the suspect’s conviction.


The magistrate stated that because the accused had a sword in his possession when the offense was committed, the victim was afraid and had to comply out    of concern that the accused may hurt or  kill him.

According to the Resident Magistrate, the accused’s responsibility to guard the students he teaches is more important.  than his desire to gorge himself on them.

The victim’s child thanked the court for respecting the law in a statement to the media following the decision.


“I had heard of stories from some quarters who kept on saying that my son will not get justice because the accused has money and he could bribe his way out,” the man claimed.


Even though I was offered the chance to abandon the lawsuit and settle the dispute out of court, I refused because I wanted to see that my son received the justice that has now been rendered.

The MUHURI Coordinator for Garissa County, Abdishukri Jelle, applauded the decision and predicted that it will prevent people from attempting to obstruct justice by settling disputes outside of court.


“Due to the Teacher’s position in society, the issue was of great public interest. In order to ensure that the matter is brought to a logical conclusion, all stakeholders—both state and non-state—worked tirelessly, said Shukri.


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