UN Asks Police to Protect Azimio Protestors Next Week

UN Asks Police to Protect Azimio Protestors Next Week

On Friday, July 14, The United Stations (UN) criticized the National Police Service (NPS)  for using excessive force against anti-government protesters who were protesting the high cost of living and asked the police to protect the demonstrators the following week. The UN Human Rights Office Spokesperson Jeremy Laurence underlined that at least 23 individuals were killed by the police while urging the anti-riot police to follow the Law equally and  safeguard protesters.

The number of deaths provided by the UN agency is higher than those cited by the Kenyan government.


UN has also underscored that Kenyans have a right to protest, and it is the responsibility of the National Police Service to protect the demonstrators and their property.

The UN remarked, “In light of calls for more protests to take place the following week,  we call on the authorities to ensure the  right to peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the Kenyan Constitution and international human rights law.” “The policing of demonstrations must aim  to promote peaceful gatherings, and any use of force must be constrained by the laws  of necessity, proportionality, and non-discrimination. Protest dispersal using weapons is never  appropriate.

The UN organization noted that there have been complaints of police using excessive force against unarmed protesters around the nation, particularly in Nairobi, where at least six people have died.


“We demand investigations into the fatalities and injuries that are swift, exhaustive, independent, and open. It is necessary to hold those accountable. The United Nations declared that effective steps must be taken to stop additional fatalities and injuries.


After Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio la Umoja, called for additional protests in the coming days, UN Human Rights Office Spokesperson Jeremy Laurence noted that the nation was experiencing uncertain times.

He called on the government to address the issues raised, and established mechanisms that would guarantee the peace and security of everyone, including those exercising their constitutionally provided rights to protest, demonstrate and picket.

The UN’s declaration comes amid a demand for additional protests, which will start on Wednesday, July 19, and last through Friday, July 21, in an effort to persuade President Ruto to reconsider his position on the Finance Act 2023 and other matters.

  1. Kanyangpus Lorot says

    The Govt should have a rightful way to bring together leaders who organize these ongoing protests to come out with a peaceful approach that is a win win to all.The truth must be told;economy is harsh to all Kenyans.Lets stop killing of innocent kenyans demonstrating by use of excessive force by police.

  2. Kanyangpus Lorot says

    Police should treat all Kenyans the same.Peaceful demonstration is rightful by law to air to grievances which the Govt has to hear and act positively.

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