7 Important Positions TSC Will Lose Under New Proposals in Education Reform

7 Important Positions TSC Will Lose Under New Proposals in Education Reform

Important Positions TSC Will Lose Under New Proposals in Education Reform.

The Teachers Service Commission has been given a number of responsibilities that the Ministry of Education should takeon, according to the recommendations of the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms. One of the ideas is to have the ministry handle teacher transfers and promotions. The committee also suggests that the Education Appeals Tribunal be established to hear instances involving teacher discipline.

Seven key roles TSC is set to lose in the proposed reforms;
1. Teachers transfer.

According to the draft report by the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms, the TSC is set to lose its exclusive mandate on the transfer and promotion of teachers. The task force now wants the Ministry of Education to have a say in the transfer and promotion of teachers.

2. Responsibility of head teachers. If the plan on the accountability of school heads is put into practice,  the headteachers will be answerable to the ministry. The ministry, according to the newspaper, wants to hold school  administrators accountable for the funding they get from the            federal government.

3. Development of a career.

The task force has additionally suggested that the Ministry of Education take on the responsibility for teacher retraining and further take over the career advancement and professional development programs. To coordinate and manage all in-service programs for teachers, the committee advised creating the Kenya School of Teacher Management.

4. TSC disciplinary role.

On matters to do with disciplinary processes against teachers, TSC will be stripped of the final say as a new body will be established. The working party has recommended an independent tribunal take over TSC’s disciplinary mandate, Education Appeals Tribunal.

5. A mandate for quality assurance.

The recommendations state that the ministry will also take over TSC’s current position of Quality Assurance. The working group wants the ministry to have the authority to shut down organizations that don’t follow the rules and regulations.

6. Records from teachers

The education task force TSC cut out the authority to only keep teacher records in another expansive proposal. The task committee has suggested that the office of the data commissioner and TSC should share responsibility for maintaining the records of teachers.

7. Role of the TSC in procurement 

Last but not least, the education reform team wants the ministry to share some of the TSC procurement powers. For example, the task group suggested that TS and the parent ministry work together to obtain the teacher’s medical plan.

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