Raila starts a campaign to have Ruto removed

Raila starts a campaign to have Ruto removed

Raila starts a campaign to have Ruto removed

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio la Umoja party, started signature-gathering campaign dubbed Tumechoka Citizens on Tuesday, July 11, to criticize.             President William  Ruto’s administration. In speech at the Stephen Kalonzo Center in Nairobi, Raila asked all Kenyans  to  join the petition in opposition to Ruto and his running mate, Rigathi Gachagua.

Raila claimed that the Ruto administration had deviated from popular opinion and  disregarded complaints made about the Finance Act 2023. According to the website tumechoka.com, “Having read and understood the  intention of the promoters of this initiative, hereby Support the Citizens’ initiative to  remove Mr. William Ruto from office as President and Mr. Rigathi Gachagua from office as  Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.”

The signature collection initiative will be launched in all 47 counties. Kenyans were urged to come out      in large numbers and sign the petition to express their dissatisfaction with the current regime.

To further the opposition’s political discourse,    Raila argued that the people were mandated to protect their future and reject unnecessary tax burdens.  The signature will demonstrate that Raila is speaking on behalf of the millions of people who are joining him in his march, not of himself,           the former prime minister said.

Martha Karua, the leader of the Narc Kenya Party, said that the signatures weren’t necessary intended to remove President Ruto from office but rather to show resistance to his rule and compel him to pay attention to the public.

Her assertion ran counter to the website’s text, which made it clear that the signatures would determine how Ruto and Gachagua would be removed from office.

In contrast to the propaganda being spread, Kenyans may air their complaints and frustrations through the signature collection, according to Karua.

At the centre of Raila’s anti-government protest was the high-cost living, which he claimed was worsened by the new tax measures enforced to collect revenue at the expense of the well-being of the people.

The campaign to collect signatures is the most recent in a string of protests and marches that the opposition has organized in recent months.

President’s removal from office

A Kenyan president may be impeached or declared incompetent to stand down from office.

There are two reasons for impeaching a president in Kenya:

1. Abuse of authority, corruption, or treason are all examples of serious violations of the Constitution or other laws.

2. Committing a crime, such as genocide, war crimes, or crimes against humanity, in violation of national or international law.

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